Thursday, November 29, 2012

Black on Black... on Black

There is just something I love about wearing all black (other than the fact that it is beyond slimming). I jokingly tell my boyfriend "I am in mourning" every time he asks me why I am wearing all black, again. I guess I kind of think of all black as a blank canvas. When I am wearing all black I can go crazy with an accessory, or two, or twelve. I also like wearing a bright lipstick, or have a more dramatic eye. Oh! And an all black outfit pairs PERFECTLY with a statement shoe! Oh black... how you make the fashion possibilities endless!

Black on Black


  1. I also love wearing all black. :)

    x Angie

  2. That leather skirt is to die for! I am a big fan of an all black ensemble!

  3. omgosh!
    that leather skirt is freaking adorable!
    love love love!

    happy friday!

    Redheaded Daybook

  4. Totally in love with that purse and I wouldn't mind having the skirt either!! ;)

    - Ashley Elizabeth
    ( )

  5. I love wearing all black outfits as well, I find them so chic and elegant! Love the outfit you created and the top is gorgeous.x